Enjoy cocktails with ‘dolphins’ – in aquarium

    You can enjoy cocktails with ‘dolphins’ in aquarium!

    That place is – Yokohama Hakkei-jima Sea Paradise.

    My most favorite place in my hometown.

    Best Aquarium

    Hakkei-jima Sea Paradise is the best aquarium in Japan.

    The dolphin show with projection mapping is so wonderful!

     Best aquarium with dolphin show in Japan

    Shiro-Iruka is white dolphins, very popular character in here, ‘Shiro’ means white and ‘Iruka’ means dolphins.

    Shiro-Iruka is sooo cute,, I love him (or her) ; )

    And there are other famous place here, “Aqua Tube” is tunnel escalator in the aquarium.

    The spot is so beautiful that often taken as a shooting place film and dramas.

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    Bar Time

    After late afternoon, “Dolphin Fantasy” that is a part of the aquarium (the aquarium is consist of 4 part)   begins bar time.

    There are some dolphins and fishes in Dolphin Fantasy with romantic illumination, the light changes various colors.

     Hakkei-jima aquarium dolphin fantasy

    Here is known as a dating spot with local people – I also recommend.

    This is bottling dolphin in tunnel style aquarium.

    recommended bar Alcohol with Dolphin in Aquarium

    Some fish are swimming in the small aquarium.

    you can drink Cocktail in aquarium with fish

    Going further, there is blue cylindrical shape aquarium with Ilowake-dolphin.

    good Aquarium in Yokohama city with dolphin

    All sides are surrounded by glass, so you can see dolphins from various directions.

    It looks like a painting,, so beautiful.


    You can enjoy drink in “Dolphin Fantasy” after sunset.

    There is a bar counter on here, You can order Including alcohol menu – cocktail, sparkling wine, or beer.

    Price; 500yen~ (alcohol menu)

    recommended dating spot in Yokohama city

    I ordered blue lique cocktail (The star made of apple) – the same color as the aquarium.

    There are some different cocktails besides this, for example, the cocktail themed Shiro-Iruka (so cute)

    Of course there is also a non alcohol menu, coffee or tea, and some juice.

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    Hakkei-jima is not only in the aquarium.

    There are many attractions in Hakkei-jima – roller coaster, maze, haunted house, observation tower (photo below),, This is amusement park. 

    Yokohama Hakkei-jima Sea Paradise Attractions

    Further, there is highest free fall in Japan (4th in the world)…

    The height is 107 m;  same height as a 35-story building!


    Easy access from Yokohama station on the train.

    There are 2 ways to get there.

    1)  Yokohama → Shin-Sugita (JR Line; 17min)→ Hakkei-jima (Seaside Line; 7min)
    2) Yokohama → Kanazawa Hakkei (Keikyu Line ;18min) → Hakkei-jima (Seaside Line; 7min)


    It takes only 3min from Hakkei-jima station on foot. 

    Hakkei-jima is one island, so you need to cross the bridge. You can enjoy fine view from the bridge.

    The entrance fee entering Hakkei-jima is free.

    Information & Tickets

    Open; Sat, Sun, n holidays – 9:00-21:00 / weekday – 10:00-20:00 ※It depends on the season.

    Price; 1day Pass – 5,050yen (Adult )

    Night Pass; Night aqua resorts pass (You can enter aquarium after 16 o’clock16:00~) – 2,500yen 

    Add; Hakkei-jima, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama city, Kanazawa pref 

    Tel; 045-788-8888

    Discount tickets; Yokohama Hakkei-jima Sea Paradise


    It’s cooool place I’ve never seen ; )

    You should definitely go!


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