Delicious “Raw Pudding” in Shoyu Cafe

    Yamate Western-Style Buildings, called “Yamate Seiyou-kan” in Japanese, is popular tourist attractions in Yokohama for domestic and foreign tourists.

    One of them “Ehrismann Residence” has well-established cafeteria – Shoyu Cafe.

    Today I’ll introduce to you so yummy raw pudding which a specialty of the cafe.

    You should try it!

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    Famous “Raw Pudding”

    This is the most popular menu in Shouyu cafe – Raw Pudding!

    Recommended Food in Yamate Yokohama - Raw Pudding

    A smooth texture that melts in your mouth, Sooo yummy!

    Caramel sauce (on the right in that picture)  and Egg yolk container of chicken design (on the left) to put the sauce on your own.

    Recommended cafe in Yamate Western-Style Buildings

    Story setting that chicken lay eggs on the pudding,,  This is so cute!

    delicious Raw pudding in Shoyu cafe Yamate In June, when the rainy season in Japan, you can see a beautiful hydrangea from the window.

    Tuna sandwich

    Another specialty food in Syouu cafe is “Shoyu-bread”.

    You can order even just Shouyu-bread, but my recommendation is Tuna sandwich using that.

    Tuna sandwich in Syouyu cafe Yamate Western-Style Buildings

    It’s delicious that you scrub Wasabi (on the upper left in that picture) and put it on bread.

    Wasabi goes well with soy sauce,,  Most Japanese like this combination.

    Excuse me, I forgot to mention important things!

    “Shoyu” (name of the cafe) means soy sauce. Soy sauce is the most famous seasoning in Japan, Japanese people use as much as salt.

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    Shoyu Cafe

    Shoyu Cafe is on the 1st floor in Ehrismann Residence, located in Motomachi Park. [Map]

    It takes only 5min on foot from exit 6 of Motomachi-Chukagai Sta.

    For your information, there is an escalator that is directly connected to Yamate. This area has many slopes, so escalator is convenient to visit.

    It’s close to other famous tourist spots – for example, Yamate Foreign General Cemetery, Harbor View Park, Yamate Western-Style Buildings (Enoki-Tei etc), and so on.

    Shoyu Cafe in Ehrismann Residence Yamate

    All the seats in the store faces toward the window, and you can see the rich greenery in Motomachi Park from the wide window.

    横浜元町 しょうゆきゃふぇ 窓際の席

    There are 4 seats in the window side, and 2 seats in the center of the store. It’s a small store, so sometimes I wait for a while.

    What is “Ehrismann Residence”?

    It was built in 1925 – 1926, at Yamate No.127, as a private residence for Mr. Ehrismann, manager of Siber & Hegner Co., a large silk trading company in Yokohama of the day. 

    Ehrismann Residence in Yamate sight seeing spot

    The residence was designed by of A. Raymond who is recognized as “modern architecture” in Japan.

    Interior of Ehrismann Residence in Yamate

    In the Ehrismann Residence, the furniture used before was left as it is. You can see the inside


    Shoyu Cafe

    Add; 1-77-4 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

    Tel; 045-211-1101

    Open; 10:00 a.m. – 16:30 p.m. (LO; 16:00 p.m.)

    Access; 1st floor in Ehrismann Residence

    You should try

    Raw pudding and Tuna Sandwich is 

    I wanna eat this pudding everyday : P

    You should try  it!


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