Discount tickets – Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

    Yokohama city has NICE Aquarium & amusement park!

    The name is “Hakkeijima Sea Paradise” – You can enjoy 4 aquariums and 15 fun attractions.

    My hometown is very very close from there, So I I’d like to introduce for you about Hakkeijima.

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    Hakkeijima Sea Paradise’s Aqua Resorts is one of the top aquariums in Japan, It’s very famous and wide, the largest collection of marine life in the country.

    Yokohama Hakkeijima sea paradise

    There are 4 zones, and each zone has different charm.


    dolphins show in Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

    It is the largest aquarium in Japan where 700 species and 120,000 living creatures live.

    There are very beautiful tunnel surrounded by aquarium – “Aqua Tube“, 

    Aqua stadium” to be held entertainment show with dolphins, Sea lions,, and so on.

    It’s sooo cute and fun!


    Yokohama Hakkeijima DOLPHIN FANTASY

    Dolphins are swimming in the beautiful aquarium tunnel, You can enjoy watching those nearby.

    There is very romantic place and popular with lovers.



    You can touch the dolphins and feeding experience in the lagoon.



    You can fishing in the fishing pond and you can eat that (cooking fee; 190yen~)


    Hakkeijima Sea Paradise’s Pleasure Land has 15 unique attractions, I’d like to recommend you the best3 among them.

    You can enjoy not only beautiful aquarium but also attractions,  restaurants, shopping, and more!

    No. 1 Blue Fall

    most thrilling attraction in Japan, Blue fall

    Blue Fall is the highest and thrilling free-fall attraction in Japan, 107m high vertical drop. Very very high and It’s feel like going to heaven and falling into hell!  

    You surely scream, or you may cry. lol

    No. 2 Surf Coaster

    Surf Coaster in Yokohama Hakkeijima

    Surf Coaster that zooms over the Yokohama Bay,,  It’s thrilling and fun!

    I love this coaster for a long time. Please feel the comfortable sea breeze of Yokohama.

    No. 3 Sea Paradise tower

    Sea Paradise tower、Yokohama Hakkeijima

    Sea Paradise tower is the symbol of Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. It slowly increased to 90m hight and enjoy 360 ° panoramic view!

    I recommend to ride at night, you can see lovely night views below.

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    The entrance fee is FREE, but all attractions and aquariums need tickets.

    You can get a tickets at the sales office in entrance, but If you purchase online, You can receive discounts.

    Discount tickets

    Japan's top aquariums - Yokohama Hakkeijima

    You can get a one day pass to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise’s Aqua Resorts and Pleasure Land attractions at a GREAT PRICE!

    US$ 40.8 42.9

    ✔️Access to 4 aquariums (Aqua Museum, Dolphin Fantasy, Umi Farm, and Fureai Lagoon)
    ✔️15 attractions admission to Pleasure Land 

    Please check ⇒Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Tickets

    Where is “Hakkeijima” ?

    Hakkeijima is located in Yokohama city, but It is a bit far from Yokohama central station, It takes about 30min by train from there.

    Hakkeijima is in the southern part of Yokohama, and It’s close to Yokosuka city.

     [Google maps]

    How to get to there by train?

    Yokohama station
     ↓ (Keikyu Line)
    Shin-Sugita station
     ↓ (Sea side Line)
    Hakkaeijima station


    It takes about 30min by train, and it takes only 3min from Hakkeijima station to Hakkeijima on foot.

    Let’s Enjoy!

    Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea paradise has a theme park, an aquarium, a mall, and more in one.. Perfectly new style amusement park in the world!

    You can absolutely enjoy ; )


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