Hot spring with great view in Minato-Mirai

    Yokohama Minato-Mirai has NICE hot spring.

    You should definitely visit when you come to Yokohama to heal tiredness of travel ; )

    Nothing special is required. 

    Please come as you are!

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    The name of the spot is; Manyo-Club in Yokohama Minato-Mirai.

    The hot spring water is being carried by the truck every day from Atami and Yugawara Onsen – One of the most famous hot springs in Japan.

    Manyo-club has several stores in Japan, but Yokohama store has the best view.

    You can enjoy foot bath in roof top terrace while watching the glittering Ferris wheel in front of you!

    “Marutoku set”  is very convenient – All necessary items are included so you can easily go while sightseeing.

     Inclusive Of;
      ✔️Admission fee
      ✔️Yukata (to wear inside)
      ✔️bath towel
      ✔️mini towel

    Moreover, It takes only 3min from Minato-Mirai station (Minato-Mirai Line) on foot. 

    Free rental service of  “Yukata”

    You can choose from various kinds of Yukata. 

    Yukata = It’s clothes to wear during the summer in Japan mainly made from cotton and dyed with white indigo blue (Aiiro).

    Recommended hot springs and foot baths for couples

    You can spend all places in the building with wearing Yukata.

    Private hot spring

    There is private hot spring (family bath) .

    Private room has big window so you can see the Yokohama Bay and Yokohama Bay Bridge on the other side. (The view opposite the Ferris wheel)Private hot spring in Yokohama Minato-Mirai

    Price; 3,050yen /1h(+Tax)※admission fee is required separately

    Public baths are often crowded because of Minato-Mirai is very famous sight seeing spot so this room especially recommended for those who visit by family or couple.

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    There is restaurant “Manyo-An” in 6th floor, I’d like to recommend this place to you.

    The counter seats are very nice view, I think here is the best for beer! lol

    restaurant in Manyo club in Yokohama MinatoMirai

    Many club has another restaurant in this building, a bit cheap, But it’s crowded all day long and can’t see the outside scenery

    Manyo-An is good because it’s not crowded and quiet – Little known even locals.

    good night view Japanese food restaurant in Yokohama

    If you want to sit in the counter seat, please tell the entrance staff before being guided to the seat (Counter seats are only 5 seats).

    Foot bath in roof top

    The most recommended place is foot bath on the roof top.

    This is the best place to see futuristic and sparkling night view in Yokohama Minato-Mirai.

    Hot spring with great view in Minato-Mirai

    Ferris wheel – “Cosmo clock” in Cosmo World, popular theme park is a symbolic existence of Yokohama, It’s very colorful and shines variations of illumination so you can absolutely enjoy it.

    There is a bar counter at the entrance you can enjoy foot bath with beer and cocktails.


    Yokohama Minato-Mirai Manyo-Club

    Add; 2-7-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa  231-0001 

    Tel; 045-663-4126

    Open; 24h

    Access; only 3min from Minato-Mirai station (Minato-Mirai Line) on foot

    Price; Marutoku-Set: 2,500yen (Adult) ※Inclusive Of: Admission fee, Yukata, bath towel, mini towel

    Private room;  3,050yen (+Admission fee)


    Manyo-club is recommended spot where Yokohama citizens also to go often.

    Please come here during Yokohama sightseeing, you can relax and heal the fatigue of the body.

    Please come as you are!


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