Ron Herman cafe in Zushi marina store

    There are some Ron Herman cafe in Japan, but Zushi marina is the best 

    Ron Herman cafe

    Ron Herman is Popular fashion brand in the world, established in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in 1976.

    The brand is casual resort style fashion imaged the West Coast of the USA.

    And Ron Herman Cafe is produced by Ron Herman, there are some Ron Herman cafe in Tokyo and Yokohama city.

    But today, I’ll show you “the best Ron Herman cafe” in Japan!  The best place is – Zushi marina store.

    open-air terrace cafe with sofa around Yokohama

    Ron Herman cafe in Zushi marina store is located by the sea and there are open-terrace sofa seat.

    A place to relax, just feeling the wind of the sea.

    It’s lovelyyyy place ; )

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    Zushi marina store

    Ron Herman designs based on white and blue and natural style, It’s also taken into the cafe.

    This is entrance in Ron Herman cafe in Zushi marina.

    Ron Herman cafe in Zushi

    Outside terrace seat

    Why is this cafe best? – Because they has open-air terrace seating with wide sofa in a yacht harbor! 

    Recommended cafe around Yokohama

    I recommend this. The big white sofa is the place to relax, everyone spends time for myself,, read books, listen to music, dusk, and chatting.

    Recommended cafe with sofa around Yokohama

    The wind of Los Angeles is also blowing here.

    beach side  cafe around Yokohama


    Blue sky, blue sea, shaking palm tree,, This is paradise ; )

    There is a sense of space and openness here, NOT in the city center.

    Good sea side cafeteria Around Yokohama



    Just like a resort, on a trip to a beach resort.

    good cafe in Yokohama area - Ron Herman cafe Zushi

    Sooo tiny juice! ; )

    Fruit punch soda; 1,000yen (left)
    Tropical Smoothie; 1,200yen (right)

    Lunch Menu

    Only drink menu is available for outside terrace seating. If you want to eat lunch, please take at the inside of the store.

    Ron Herman cafe in Zushi marina

    The inside of the store is wide and it’s designed the warmth of wood.

    Recommended lunch menu in Hayama and Zushi



    Recommended menu is curry rice with vegetables.

    Ron Hermann Special Chicken Curry; 1,500yen
    Hayama beef’s hamburger steak plate; 2,000yen

    The same menu and same price for lunch and dinner.

    Recommended cafe in Zushi marina

    You can see the boat and yacht anchored at the marina from the window inside the cafe.

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    Ron Herman Cafe Zushi marina store

    Add;  5-23-10 Kotsubo, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

    Tel;  0467-23-2153

    Open;  11:00 a.m.~7:30 p.m.


    The nearest station is “Zushi-Station” (Access from Yokohama station; 30 min by JR Yokosuka line).

    Then it’s necessary to take a bus or a taxi from there.

    Taxi; about 10 min or less

    Bus;  Please take Keihin Kyuko bus from No.7 stop in East bus rotary,  bound for Kamakura Station via Kotsubo (for 12 minutes) and get off at “Riviera Zushi Marina front”.

    It takes only 1 min on foot from bus stop. Ron Herman cafe is located in 1F Main building in Riviera Zushi.

    Where is “Zushi city” ?

    Zushi city is next to Yokohama city, located in the South from Yokohama.

    There is Kamakura city in the North, East is the boundary between Yokohama City and Yokosuka City, and Hayama Town in the south.

    Along the coast leading to Hayama many stylish shops line up, crowded with locals and tourists.

    Zushi is local city and It’s preferred for surfers in that neighborhood.


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