Traditional tea room at former Councilor’s villa

    Hirobumi ITO, a former Councillor, was lived here – so lovely place that traditional Japanese style tea room with ocean view.

    Free entrance every day, and you can also enjoy green tea and sweets only 500yen (only on second Sat and Sun)

    Here is secret tourist spot in Yokohama!


    The official name is “Kyu-Ito-Hirobumi-Kanazawa-Bettei”.

    This villa was built in 1898 (in Meiji period), by Hirobumi Ito, he likes the scenery of this place.

    Emperor Taisho and Prince of South Korea and other celebrities visited here.

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    After that, It was designated as Yokohama Designated Tangible Cultural Property in 2006, but dismantled in 2007 because of aging, and It was restored to its original form.

    Therefore, the current building is a reproduction of that time.

    Tea room

    The view from tea room – this is,, just amazing. What a lovely scenery!

    Traditional tea room at former Councilor's villa

    Nice contrast with sea and  Japanese tree.

    100 years ago, there was nothing beyond the sea. Just calm, quietly,, peaceful landscape.

    But now, It turned into a fun scenery of theme park view (Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise). Can you see a roller coaster across a tree? lol

    The scenery of the present is also fun.

    Actually, this tea room has been watching over 100 years the change of the times.

    It’s wonderful scenery any time.

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    Tea time

    You can enjoy japanese tea; “Matcha” in this tea room only on second Saturday and Sunday.

    Price; 500yen (with Japanese confectionery)

    enjoy tea time in traditional tea room in Yokohama

    When I visit, the Japanese confectionery was Yuzu jelly, of famous confectionery store in Kamakura.

    Yuzu is a kind of fruit like lemon or orange, very good fragrant.


    Peony blooming this villa’s garden.

    beautiful peony garden in Yokohama city

    Peony is famous flower in here – Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama city.

    The flower blooming from spring to early summer (April to June).

    Here is beautiful Japanese garden, a little-known but good place.


    The former councilor’s villa

    Tel; 045-788-1919

    Add; 24 Nojima-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama city (in Nojima park)

    Admission fee; For free

    Closing; 1st and 3rd Monday (In the case of a holiday, the next day) and New Year’s Holiday (12/29~1/3)

    Tea; 500 yen, with sweets (only on second Sat,Sun)

    Open; 9:30am~4:30pm(garden; 9:00am~5:00pm)


    It takes only 5 min from Nojima park station (Seaside Line) on foot.

    If you come from Yokohama station, It takes just 20min.

    First, you should get to Kanazawa-Hakkei station (Keikyu Line) it takes 18min by express train, transfer to Seaside Line and get to Nojima park station it takes only 2min.

    Nojima park station is close to other famous tourist attractions, Hakkei-jima sea paradise (only 5min by Seaside Line) and Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside  (19min by Seaside Line)

    recommended secret Tourist spot in Yokohama

    Where is Kanazawa-ku?

    Kanazawa-ku is South of Yokohama city and close to Yokosuka city.

    Located surrounded by mountains and the sea, good nature waiting you.

    Moreover, there are many tourist spot in here, aquarium, amusement park, outlet mall, historic place.. and so on.

    You should come here ; )

    Absolutely enjoy here!


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