Do you fancy a cup of tea in Yamate? ENOKI-TEI

    Fancy a cup of tea? There is a place that emotional tea room has a long history (about 90 years) from the early Showa period.

    The history still remains;  Enoki-Tei.

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     What is ‘Yamate-Seiyoukan’ ?

    Seiyoukan means “foreign settlement”- Western-style buildings refers to one of the demarcated areas of land created by the government that were specifically set aside as places in which foreigners could reside and trade.

    Enoki-tei is one of them. Nowadays many people visit here, not only Japanese but also foreign tourists – called ‘Seiyoukan patrol’ .


    Enoki-tei was established in 1927, and current owner’s parents bought it as their house in 1970.

    After that current owner’s mother opened this tea room in 1979, she liked making sweets and dishes.

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    ‘Cherry sand’ became a very popular series lasting for 50 years – still the most popular item.

    And rare cheesecake and British style scones which inherits recipe from open. (Personally, I’d like to recommend cakes, too)

    recommend sightseeing spot Enoki-tei

    First floor; Tea room with antique furniture, 2nd floor; private room that you can enjoy special afternoon tea. 

    But my most favorite place is garden on outdoor terraces.


    The private room up to 6 people available. 

    Open; 11:30am
    Room charge; ¥2,000+ tax
    Menu; Afternoon tea set (¥2500+tax) or special chicken curry set (¥2300+tax)
    Reservation; 3days in advance



    The place to order is first floor, and the clerk takes it to the outside.

    I really like this melon shortcake..;9

    yummy melon shortcake in yokohama

    And an alternate one is raspberry shortcake, so sweet and slightly acid – yummy!

    Where can I eat delicious cakes in Yokohama?

    It’s depends on the season what fruit is used. (melon; summer only)

    There are many foreign tourists in this area, so prepared guidebook explain in English – for free.

    guidebook Yokohama-Yamate-Motomachi

    It is somewhat different from Japanese one.  Many Japanese tourists prefer to new hot spot- like MinatoMirai, but foreign tourists wanna know history around Motomachi and Yamate.

    People visiting Asia for the first time have so much choice on where to go. Among them, I think that Yokohama has many histories and is interesting. 

    Would you like to go to the next destination?


    from Motomachi-chukagai sta. (Minato-Mirai line); 7min

    from Ishikawa-cho sta. (JR line); 10min


    The Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery and Minato-No-Mieru-Oka-Park, famous sightseeing spot, are really close from ‘Enoki-tei’.

    I recommend to go around together.

    Shop information

    Enokitei  (the head office)

     Add: 89-6 Yamatechō Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-pref

    Tel: 045-623-2288

    Open: 11:00~19:00 (L.O.18:30)


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