Yokohama specialties “Shiu-mai Bento”

    Today I’ll introduce you that one of the famous specialties in Yokohama; Shiu-mai Bento.

    People in Yokohama like this!

    What is “Bento” ?

    Bento is Japanese local meal – it means “boxed lunches” .

    Most people eat Bento almost every day at a company, school, and so on. (Usually eat for lunch but eat at night, too)

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    Even this kind of time; picnic, meeting, and In the express train while traveling.

    There are many kinds of Bento in Japan, also sell it at the station – it calls “Eki-ben”.

    The most famous Eki-ben is Shiu-mai Bento, Yokohama specialties.

    Shu-mai Bento

    Shiu-mai is Chinese Steamed Dumplings, the official name is “Shiu-mai” but most Japanese people call it “Shu-mai“.

    In 1954, Shiu-mai Bento was sold by Kiyo-ken.

    Kiyo-ken is very famous company in Yokohama, It is familiar to everyone.

    Yokohama specialties "Shiu-mai Bento"

    Price; 800 yen


    Upper row; 5 Shiu-mai with Japanese mustard (Karashi)

    from left to right –  Tsukemono, fried chicken, apricots, fried eggs, fish paste, Teriyaki with Tuna, and boiled bamboo shoots.

    Lower row; Rice with sesame, and in the middle of rice is Ume-boshi (sour taste).

    famous specialties "Shiu-mai Bento" in Yokohama

    Also included with the Bento are the following items; This is Soy sauce, Japanese mustard, chopsticks, and wipe clean.

    famous Bento in Yokohama 'Kiyou-ken'

    It is written as Kiyo-ken with  Chinese character.

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    Kiyo-ken head store is in east side of Yokohama Station, and there is 15stores in Yokohama station, 4stores in Shin-Yokohama station.

    This is Yokohama central store in the center of Yokohama station.

    Kiyouken- Yokohama-station-central-store

    Yokohama central store is easy to buy because it’s very close to train ticket gate.

    Open; 6:00am-10:30pm (Yokohama central store)

    Must try

    ‘ What is specialty in Yokohama? ‘ – If you ask, every people in Yokohama are answer; “Shiu-mai Bento!”

    Shiu-mai Bento is most popular food in Yokohama.

    If you visit Yokohama, you must try Shiu-mai Bento. ; )


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